App Movimënt

Thanks to the Movimënt App, you can easily learn about all the activities of the high-altitude parks in the heart of Alta Badia.
Besides offering lots of information, useful to know everything about the weekly activities, the Movimënt APP also has interesting and fun functionalities, such as the "E-MTB booking system" and the game "Liandes Ladines".
The first function will allow you to book your E-MTB in one of the bike hire centres at the start of the Piz Sorega, Piz La Ila and Col Alto systems. Simply choose the day and time you'd like to hire your bike and you're done! The game "Liandes Ladines", instead, allows to discover the myth of "King Ombro and Ombretta". The story, set in the Dolomites, tells of a maiden turned into stone by a magic spell commissioned by her stepmother. In the interactive game, you will be able to interact with the real world through the APP and learn about this incredible story along the path that from Piz Sorega leads to Biok.