Skier Arianna Tricomi was born in 1992 and lives in Corvara in Alta Badia. When she's not skiing or training, she studies at the University of Innsbruck in Austria.
This year she went from being the young promise of the freeride world, to becoming its future. Last winter, after a series of perfect races, she qualified (with the highest score) for the Freeride World Tour 2016, the biggest freeride tour in the world.
We met up with her for a chat.
Hello Arianna, let's start with the future. How do you feel when I say Freeride World Tour 2016?
Really happy and a bit strange! It's a dream come true; to be able to travel around the world a bit with my skis and so many great people!

The 2015 winter season 2015 went really well, what was the best bit?
There were too many to choose just one. Skiing and having fun with friends on my first internship as a physiotherapy student in hospital. Also those few days of powdery snow and the fantastic competition results.

Next year you'll see the most beautiful mountains in the world, how do you feel when you're at the top, before you ski down?
I feel love. I feel grateful to have grown up in the mountains, the beautiful Dolomites and every time, on top of any mountain I feel happy and fulfilled.

Have you already started your summer training? How?
When the snow melts, I can't wait to go surfing. I train in the gym and then I doing everything I can; slackline, trekking, climbing.

What do you do when you're in Alta Badia?
I've lived in Innsbruck for just over a year and I don't get to go home much! When I do come back, whether it's winter or summer, I like to go to the mountains and hang out with my mum, my dog ​​and my friends!

You must love skiing in the Dolomites in winter what about summer...?
I love summer in Alta Badia, it's much quieter than in winter and the glorious countryside and fragrant flowers I just have to explore the woods and mountains. Otherwise slackline is always a good alternative!

We're looking forward to seeing you at Movimënt this summer for some altitude training...
I can't wait!
I'm so grateful to everyone who believed in me and helped me on my journey!

Good luck Arianna!