This summer Alta Badia, which hosted the queen stage of the Giro d'Italia on 21 May 2016, proposes the "Giro d'Italia dei Sapori"  (Italian Flavours Tour), a gastronomic tour focussing on the special flavours and excellent products of the Italian regions.

Each of the ten mountain huts included in the event will host a Michelin-starred chef representing one of the Italian regions involved in the 99th edition of this cycling event, which is one of the most popular of its kind in the world. The event, which in fact transcends the sporting element and over the years has become part of the country's social and historical heritage, attracts millions of passionate spectators.

Following the "Corsa Rosa", from Calabria to Piemonte and throughout the entire Italian peninsula, it will be possible to discover the classic and typical dishes of the Italian culinary tradition.

Hikers and lovers of good food can create their own "Giro d'Italia dei Sapori" to discover the traditional dishes of their favourite regions. The mountain huts can be reached either on foot, with the mountain lifts or using a comfortable electric bike hired at one of the E-MTB Points Movimënt or at the tourist offices in Corvara, La Villa and La Val.

Participating mountain huts, restaurants and chefs

Ütia I Tablà    Luca Abbruzzino - Antonio Abbruzzino * Linguine-pasta, mussel cream, ginger and lemon
Ütia Las Vegas    Marianna Vitale - Sud * Rice and aubergine parmigiana
Ütia Lée    Emanuele Mazzella - Vespasia *    Half-moon shaped egg pasta, filled with porcini mushrooms, pecorino cheese and Norcia black truffle
Ütia de Bioch    Gaetano Trovato - Arnolfo **    Val d'Arno chicken breast and thigh, smoked potatoes and rosemary
Ütia Mesoles    Massimiliano Mascia - San Domenico **    "Cappello del prete", braised in Sangiovese di Romagna wine, with wholemeal polenta creamed with "fossa" cheese
Piz Arlara    Matteo Metullio - La Siriola *    Putizza from Trieste
Ütia Jimmy    Norbert Niederkofler - St. Hubertus **    Felicetti single-grain spelt fusilli with Tyrolese carbonara sauce
Ütia Crëp de Munt    Nicola Laera - La Stüa de Michil *    Venison tartare, celeriac, hazelnuts, goat's cheese and pain d'épices
Ütia Pralongiá    Carlo Cracco - Cracco **    Pavia soup
Ütia Col Alt    Enrico Crippa - Piazza Duomo ***    Culinary tour… of Piemonte