The famous ‘Maratona' is celebrating its 30th birthday.

This event first began in 1987 with 166 participants, who have continued to multiply over the years, now reaching the fixed number of 9,000. Today, the Maratona is a global event, a world of cycling where all continents are represented: the competing cyclists, selected from over 30,000 applicants, come from 64 different nationalities. After all, the charm and atmosphere surrounding the Dolomite passes know no borders.
La Villa
The date for the big race is set for Sunday 3rd July. Cyclists will set off at 6.30am from La Villa, with arrival into Corvara.

The cycling Marathon will wind its way around three routes: the long ‘Maratona‘ route, stretching 138km and with a difference in altitude of 4,230m, the ‘Medium' route, stretching 106km and with a 3,130m difference in altitude, and the ‘Sella Ronda' route, stretching 55km with a 1,780m difference in altitude. As usual, the legendary mountain passes will be strictly closed to traffic. This allows the Maratona to celebrate an enchanting tribute to the open road, free from cars, boasting its steadfast, first-rank formation: Campolongo, Pordoi, Sella, Gardena, Giau, Falzarego and Valparola. A breath-taking array of ups and downs and a real endurance test for the legs – an event that will remain imprinted on the memory of every participant. Because, with the Maratona, the beauty of the Dolomites, with no noise, no hunks of metal thundering by and no stinking fumes, reaches heights that border on the sublime.

The Giro d'Italia pays tribute to the Maratona

Among the many events being held to celebrate the 30th anniversary, one in particular really stands out: the cyclists of the Giro d'Italia passing over the very roads that have made Europe's most famous cyclosportive so popular.

This really represents exceptional recognition by the organisers of the Giro – recognition of an event which, over the last thirty years, has been able to bring enormous value to the Dolomites/cycling duo, making cycle tourism increasingly important and strategic not only in the Dolomites but also throughout Alto Adige. Participants in the Maratona will be informed of the racers' timings for the various mountain passes, giving them the chance to measure themselves against the professionals along the ascents that characterise this event amid the Dolomites.

A journey lasting thirty years

Every year, the Maratona is linked to a specific theme. The topic chosen to celebrate the 30th anniversary is travel. Travel as a form of discovery, travel as a form of communication, travel as a cause of pollution, travel as a cure.

After all, the Maratona began a long time ago and has never stopped, carrying on along a continuous journey in search of beauty, endeavouring to share the unique heritage of the Dolomites. A heritage that must always be respected, defended, protected and safeguarded.

Live TV coverage

Once again this year, RAITRE will be partnering with the Maratona, with TV coverage, including aerial footage, beginning from 6.15am and continuing without interruption until 12 noon. Sky Sports and Bikechannel UK will also be present at the event, giving it that international touch.

A special jersey, now also available for women

Just like every year, Castelli, one of the world's most famous names in cycling apparel, has created an ad hoc jersey for all those taking part in the 30th edition of the Maratona. For the first time ever, a women's version of the jersey will also be available to satisfy the increasing number of female cyclists.

Riccardo Guasco interprets the Maratona

One of the initiatives to celebrate the Maratona's 30th anniversary comes with the smell of fresh paint. An artist's paint, of course. Riccardo Guasco, the world-famous illustrator, is depicting the Maratona in his own unique style. Before the race, all information regarding his work will be published on the website

The Giro-Maratona duo, the perfect chance to discover the beauty of cycling along magnificent roads

Road cycling is growing everywhere, and the Dolomites are the ideal place to best experience this unique sport. The Giro-Maratona duo goes precisely in that direction: to allow others to discover the beauty of cycling along these magnificent roads. In particular, the growing success of the Maratona benefits not only Alta Badia, but also the entire Dolomites area. It's the perfect opportunity to put the spotlight on all of the valleys that overlook these awesome mountains, forming part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. With the natural parks of Fanes-Sennes-Braies and Puez-Odle, with the mountain passes that have written cycling history, with the hundreds of kilometres of trails to follow during the summer and the Dolomites Superski area during the winter, these are ideal destinations to spend unforgettable moments surrounded by stunning nature.

That's not forgetting the famous Ladin hospitality, founded on antique traditions, exceptional cuisine, widespread cordiality and a simple yet elegant way of living and interpreting the mountains.

Of course, it's not just road cycling that makes a holiday in the Dolomites so spectacular: today, mountain biking, ‘freeriding' and touring all form an integral part of mountain sports vocabulary. An E-bike sharing service has recently been introduced in Alta Badia: latest generation electric bicycles stationed in the various towns and plateaus, available for anyone who wants to experience the thrill of climbing the Dolomite passes without too much effort, and without polluting.

Last but not least, we mustn't forget the Sellaronda Bike Day. This yearly event, held on a Sunday in mid-June, allows participants to cycle along the Dolomite passes around the Sella group, on roads that are closed to traffic and reserved exclusively for cyclists.

All information and details of Maratona dles Dolomites 2016 on its website