Telling a typical day at the Movimënt parks is not easy. Snow tunnels, slaloms between huge slices of cheese, snow snails, iced little houses, rails, kiker, triks, creative jib, speedcheck, movement challenge, kidsslope, snowpark, wonderful views, break areas and much more.
Unique and genuine emotions that only a holiday in the heart of the Dolomites of Alta Badia can give. This is where the new advertising campaign called "YOU CAN'T TRY THIS AT HOME" arises. It will promote the Movimënt area in winter and summer.
Created by Alessandro Huber - Skicarosello Product Marketing Manager - in collaboration with the media agency Interagendo - the campaign will be released on the social networks, on the local and national press and on international sport magazines. Moreover, throughout the season, short viral videos will be created in order to tell what "you can't try at home" but only at the Movimënt parks.

The "YOU CAN'T TRY THIS AT HOME" campaign addresses a curious audience – away from the stressful everyday life – which finds in Alta Badia and in the Movimënt area a little white paradise where to escape. The plateau where the Movimënt area rises is a world apart. From December 1st – starting date of the 2018-2019 season – you can discover it with your friends, on the skis or on the snowboard, between jumps, humps and slopes, a selfie and a toast at the lodge.

For this new advertising campaign we decided to promote a video contest called "Movimënt, la realtà supera l'immaginazione!" ("Movimënt, reality surpasses fiction ") through the platform dedicated to the user-generated advertising contents. 33 creative talents took part in the challenge, for a total amount of 39 videos.
After a careful selection, 4 of them have been awarded: "Magic Moment" by GonzoDesign, "I.T. Imagination Test" by SBT Original, "What an imagination" by David Barbieri and the absolute winner, "Movimënt, la fine del mondo" made by a video fan, Andrea Eccel. It has been such a convincing competition that the young talent has been already involved in the making of the video for the next season which will be released in spring.

Andrea Eccel from the Trento Region - the young creator of the video released from November 12th on the social networks of Movimënt - tells us: "They were instructed to destroy the planet Earth and the missile was ready to fire, pointed right at us. But first they wanted to take a look – and everything has changed". Even the aliens – as much as threatening and technologically advanced – fell in love with snow to the point of aborting the mission and get on the slopes of Alta Badia with the sunglasses and the skis on their back. Because on their planet – and those they've probably visited – there's nothing like that.
The story will go on. How will the aliens react to the splendors of Movimënt in summer time? And what will be the things you can't try at home?