The most beautiful places are always full of legends. The mountains of Alta Badia are bursting with them!

The local Ladin tradition is full of stories and legends that date back to ancient times. The history of this people is deeply rooted in the mists of time, local legends and tales have been passed down and added to from generation to generation until today. A precious heritage to be kept alive and to continue to protect.

Listening to these mythological stories is a relaxing way to experience the Movimënt area and an opportunity to learn about this ancient culture.

Lie on the large wooden sun loungers near to paths connecting the Movimënt parks and look at the peaks of the Dolomites, the scene of many stories, stretching out before. You will be catapulted into a world of magic and fantasy you'll find it hard to leave.
The traditional tales abound with gnomes, wild beings who inhabited the woods, princesses, dragons and fantasy characters that together make up the cultural imagery of this land.

You can immerse yourself in this amazing world of legends at the mountain stations of Piz La Ila, Piz Sorega and Col Alt, thanks to MP3 players with recorded stories. The Ladin legends route is suitable for everyone and takes about 45 minutes.

Our new attraction for summer 2015 has stepped right out of these legends: "Dolomites Faces" at the cable car stations of Vallon and Boè above Corvara.

The price for renting the MP3 player is in our price list page.