Movimënt's first promotional campaign

This winter marks the official launch of the promotional campaign for Movimënt, featuring testimonials from ordinary people on their quest for "the fastest way to happiness", all the excitement and the adrenalin rush produced by hurtling downhill on skis in the heart of the Alta Badia. Their faces are central to the photos and short videos, expected to go viral, that will be published on the web and on paper.
The campaign, created by Interagendo and Mec Global Italia will carry on through the summer.

The winter season is knocking on our door and Movimënt, the most innovative park in the Dolomites, in the heart of Alta Badia, has chosen today, the 10 November, for the launch of its first major promotional campaign: #thefasteswaytohappiness, a project due to last a year, created by the web design agency Interagendo and Mec Global Italia, the audience buying specialists.

It all starts with one question: what does it mean to live the Movimënt experience? Fun, adventure, sharing. All the emotions you can read on the faces of those who discover this car-free area at a height of 2000 metres, marvelling at the views, moving quickly and easily on the ski lifts and, above all, the gift of the adrenalin rush on an action-packed day.

These stories told by those who have experienced Movimënt first hand are behind the concept on which the promotional campaign is based. "Our testimonials" according to Alessandro Huber, Marketing Manager of the park who conceived the project, "are delivered by normal people, not models from a casting agency. People of every age who have fun together talking about the entertainment and sense of wonder they have experienced, particularly after they have won a challenge on the parallel slalom slope, or travelled 700 metres in 240 seconds in the Piz La Ila cable car, because speed too creates a sense of wellbeing, a positive feeling".

The campaign consists of photo shoots, short videos of 10-15 seconds for release on social networks where they are highly likely to go viral, featuring winter sports fans and their acrobatics, as well as short videos with the backstage of the project. Interagendo is packaging the content while Mec Global Italia is handling the campaign's distribution on social networks, in the local press and in international sports magazines. The campaign will carry on through the summer with content showing the activities that can be practised at Movimënt during the summer season.