the first pump circuit at 2000 metres altitude

Bicycles, scooters, skates, E-MTB... the Pumptrack is suitable for any wheeled, non-motorised vehicle, with or without pedals. The new, super fun attraction of the Active Park Movimënt Piz La Ila is suitable for all, with no age limits.

A circuit where you ride without pedalling, but coordinating your movements and "pumping" the whoops and humps that make up the track. The pressing and decompression movement used to pick up speed is excellent training for the body balance, which begins to limber up and make the movements more fluid already after a few laps. In fact, the humps and parabolic curves that make up the Pumptrack train not only the muscles, but also body/mind coordination.

Children can rent bicycles/scooters directly at the top of Piz La Ila.
Adults can use their own bicycles/MTB.

New relaxation area

In the Movimënt area we have thought of everything.
Have you just had a fantastic adventure in the Bear Park at Piz Sorega? Have you pedalled nonstop for hours on the high plateau dirt roads? Did you get lost in the Alta Badia woods whilst Geocaching or orienteering?

Then, the time has come for a bit of a rest in the new relaxation area in the La Para zone. The gigantic deck-chairs, the enormous hammock for 3 people and the spectacular view overlooking Sasso Santa Croce will restore your energy in no time at all... so, you can resume the adventure in the Movimënt area!

The new fidelity card of Movimënt: MoviCard

Don't forget to pick up your personal MoviCard at the Piz La Ila Active Park and Piz Sorega Bear Park InfoPoints.

A world of excitement concentrated in a single card that is your ticket to advantages, discounts and useful information, so you can get the most out of the Movimënt area.

The Movimënt area becomes dog friendly

This year our 4-legged friends will also be able to get the most out of the Movimënt area.
In addition to the dog-bars at the top of the lifts and in the Movimënt dog-friendly refuges, you will find various dog-toilets along the high altitude trails that connect the Movimënt parks.

Not to be missed: purchase an Alta Badia Summer pass to reach the Movimënt parks in our offices at Piz La Ila and Piz Sorega accompanied by your faithful friend and you will receive a tasty surprise immediately!

Panoramic points

Observe the majesty of the Dolomites, understand the morphology, history and characteristics.
Between the news of this summer 2016, you will find the new panoramic points, positioned upstream of the Boè cable car and on the path that connects Biok with Pralongià. This informative panels will help you understand and learn many curiosities of the special UNESCO World Heritage mountains, as well as the names of these rocks that surround Alta Badia.
Learn more about the panoramic points on the dedicated page, so you may be prepared even before coming to the Dolomites

So stop one moment and admire the extraordinary beauty of the nature surrounding you!