During the summer 2016 there will be several exhibitions at the Piz Boè Alpine Lounge in Corvara, upstream of the Boè cable car.
Local and foreign artists will present their works in this magnificent location on top of the Dolomites.

The visit to the exhibitions, which are displayed inside the mountain hut, is free.

The Microcosm of the Dolomite rock

from 18th to 31st July 2016

DolomitiArtRock showcases stunning images taken under the microscope, starting from thin "sheet" of rocks. The author of these new images is the petrographer Prof. Bernardo Cesare of the Department of Geosciences at the University of Padua.

Dolomites Project srl, Laura Jaurena and Mase Press srl have created and designed this traveling exhibition that wants to cross the border between micro and macro, doing grasp, through a journey in time about 75 million years, as the beauty of the Dolomite landscape, with its color contrasts, is also reflected in the base of the rocks: the minerals.


Nuzio Terrano

from 3rd to 16th August 2016

From passionate about ethnography and other cultures, willingly he paints human figures of distant countries using photographs taken by fellow travelers, or taking inspiration from any image he takes in his hands.
He likes also to paint still lifes and landscapes, always following the same simple but effective concept: "If I can imagine it already finished, then I can also reproduce it."


Roberto Pallestrong and Norbert Scantanburlo

from 18th August to 1st September 2016

Roberto Pallestrong presents his second exhibition at the mountain hut Piz Boè Alpine Lounge.
Artistic craftsman, self-taught potter, has over time developed a very personal way of process and realization of his works ranging from decorative indoor and outdoor objects a plates and household objects, artist's sculptures and necklaces. He loves to try various activities of the decoration, to create objects in series, as well as the creation of unique pieces. The art that he creates wants to express its own unique language, simple and special.

During his studies in architecture, in 1971 Norbert Scantanburlo began photographing as autodidact. At first he only made images in black and white, only later he discovered the color photography. Issues such as landscape, nature, colors and shapes, details and unusual lighting moods are his favorite subjects. Until 2008 he photographed only in analogue, then he changed to digital. He has participated in several exhibitions and at various publications as the author of images.