The first pump circuit at 2000 metres altitude

Bicycles, scooters, skates, E-MTB... the Pumptrack is suitable for any wheeled, non-motorised vehicle, with or without pedals. The new, super fun attraction of the Active Park Movimënt at Piz La Ila is suitable for all, with no age limits.

A circuit where you ride without pedalling, but coordinating your movements and "pumping" the whoops and humps that make up the track. The pressing and decompression movement used to pick up speed is excellent training for the body balance, which begins to limber up and make the movements more fluid already after a few laps. In fact, the humps and parabolic curves that make up the Pumptrack train not only the muscles, but also body/mind coordination.

Children can rent bicycles/scooters directly at the top of Piz la Ila.
Adults can use their own bicycles/mtb.