The heart of the Alta Badia offers so much more than a simple ski trip, explains the latest advertising campaign from Movimënt.
The most innovative park in the Dolomites invites us to dream big and live our adventures to the full, with the claim, "Reality is better than your imagination". So-called "real life" beats imagination and goes beyond storytelling: first-hand experiences surpass anything conveyed with words, even in an advert.
"Reality is better than your imagination" is a communication project created by Movimënt in partnership with the web design agency Interagendo.

The campaign is set to begin in December 2017 and will continue with summer images until September 2018. The campaign includes eight images in total, four each from summer and winter, which will be shared with social networking sites, the local press and international sports magazines. Effective and concise, the campaign explores the distance between dreams and a self-made holiday full of expectations, and the experience of an even more thrilling reality.
There is also a testimonial from a well-known face in the skiing community: Massimiliano Blardone, former Italian alpine ski racer and a globally recognised giant slalom specialist.

Finally, a video shared on social media channels offers a creative and ironic explanation of the concept behind the campaign and how the director transformed the production of an advert for the park into a celebration of the purity of the landscape, whose visual attraction speaks louder than words.
In a short, come and let yourself be surprised. At Movimënt, there is fun not only on the slopes but also in the surrounding parks and refuges, face to face with the majestic beauty of the
Dolomites. A simple ski down the slope becomes a chance to feel like a champion for the day. Yet the adrenalin and speed do nothing to disturb the quiet and beauty around you. The plateau is accessible
exclusively by lifts, with no vehicle access and the slopes are smog-free, further emphasising the enchantment of the landscape.