This year, technology is making the grooming of the slopes even more effective and efficient. The majority of Skicarosello Alta Badia snowcats have been fitted with the "Snowsat" satellite system which indicates the thickness of the snow underneath the vehicle using satellite measurements. Thanks to this innovative management system the snowcat driver knows where to add or remove excess snow from the slope, making the slopes perfectly even and saving on the scheduled production of artificial snow in areas where there is already a sufficient amount. A clear saving in terms of fuel consumption and working hours for the benefit of the environment and our workers.

To optimise the production of artificial snow, the Skicarosello Consortium has an innovative and cuttingedge piece of software for monitoring and controlling each of its 450 snow guns in the area. Thanks to special tablets on which this application is installed, operators can monitor all pumping machines in real time and identify any problems, reducing the wastage of water and energy in the process. It is also possible to turn the machines on and off directly from the tablet without having to be present in the area concerned.
An innovation that guarantees top results and excellent optimisation for slopes that are perfect at all times and ready for your skiing holiday.