For the summer 2016 Movimënt, in collaboration with the project "Microcosm – Beyond perception", proposes new t-shirts with eye-catching and interesting graphics.

In fact, the colored backgrounds have been created by dissecting various dolomite rocks to create thin slices, examined microscopically and subsequently photographed. The petrographic microscopic analysis of sections of rocks taken from different places revealed several structural and mineral characteristics. The colors are given by the polarized light microscope that illuminates the crystals in the rock.

Here's a video that explains the different steps made with a rock taken from Lavarella mountain and analyzed with this technique.
To buy the t-shirts by Movimënt-Microcosmo, go to the Movimënt online store.

To better understand the project related to these t-shirts, make a visit to the exhibition "DolomitiArtRock", present at the mountain hut Piz Boè Alpine Lounge from 18th to 31st July 2016. More information about the exhibition in the dedicated website.

The project "Microcosm - Beyond perception", the analysis, the techniques and other curiosities, are described on