My name is Andrea Eccel and I'm a 20% professional video maker.
I inherited the passion for videos from my father and my uncle who, when they were still teenagers, used to produce funny black-and-white short films. When I was a kid, I watched those films sitting on my grandfather's legs dreaming about doing them myself one day. Then my life took a different path and I became a professional in the IT sector. But I've never forgotten my childhood dreams. In fact, after a period of studies, my dream came true and now the 20% of my income is derived from this activity. In this wonderful passion, I can count on the support of Arianna Pedrotti who, besides being my partner in business, is also my dearest (and patient) friend.


Contests like this designed by ZOOPPA allows giving free rein to creativity. Although there are some guidelines to follow, you are free to travel with imagination and create your own story. Company videos or videos for special events or weddings do not give the same satisfaction. This is the reason why we looked for someone who liked to have a story told. Along our journey we found the Moviment Alta-Badia contest of ZOOPPA. The choice of combining aliens and mountain landscapes was such an absurd idea that we thought it could work. We are pleased we were right.


The video was recorded in 2 days - the first one in studio and the second one on the snow. The spaceship was fully created on computer, whereas the mask and the costume were tailor-made by professionals.
Since there was only one mask available, all the scenes were recorded in chroma keying and the actors overlapped during the video editing, which required an increased effort during the shooting and the editing.
This video production required a team of 7 people, all driven by passion rather than easy money.