The Virtual Reality Point makes you discover the Movimënt Alta Badia summer parks in augmented reality!
If you do not have the possibility to visit personally the Virtual Reality Point Movimënt, you can browse the summer parks visiting the dedicated online page.

Try the new "360° Virtual Reality Experience" by Movimënt, a brand new experience that will allow you to immerse yourself totally in the mountain summer parks of Alta Badia.
At the dedicated Point there will be a traveling swivel chair with which you can, wearing the special available viewer, turn 360 degrees to look at the landscape around the different parks. The viewer has a special motion detection system, therefore by moving the head or by turning the chair, you see the park, its attractions and the surrounding mountains. You really feel like you're there!

The mountain parks that you can virtually visit at the Virtual Reality Point are the Active Park Piz La Ila in La Villa, the Bear Park Piz Sorega in San Cassiano, the Spaghettino Park at Pralongià and the Boè-Vallon area in Corvara, where there is the attraction Dolomites Faces.

The Virtual Reality Point of Movimënt will move in different locations during the winter season. The traveling Point will be hosted at ski rentals, mountain huts and on some slopes of the ski area. To know the current location visit the Facebook page of Movimënt Alta Badia.

To discover instead the winter parks comfortably at home or with your smartphone, click on this link and you will browse 360° in the middle of the mountain scenery covered with snow of the Snowpark Alta Badia, the Funslope Biok, the start of the ski slopes Biok (San Cassiano) and Vallon (Corvara).