Here you'll find a unique and wild experience for children - going on a bear hunt. The Movimënt park at Piz Sorega is all bear themed.

Come from San Cassiano by cable car to Piz Sorega, where the Bear Park awaits you with many specially created attractions relating to bears and caves. Everyone can enjoy the Bear minigolf, roarsome fun to the very last hole! It's not a traditional circuit, but a series of original holes made of natural materials such as wood.

The bear cave lies just below the Piz Sorega mountain station, find out how these incredible animals live, what they eat, where they sleep and especially how they roar! Other games will teach you many lots of interesting facts on the world of animals and nature. There's a huge blackboard to do some beautiful drawing in the cave as well as a soft and safe area to jump around in with your little friends. And for those who want a joystick challenge, there's a PlayStation set into the rocks, available to all.

Outside, in addition to balance games, slides and swings, there is a special sandy area where you can dig up a replica of the famous "Ursus Ladinicus" skeleton, found in 1987 in a cave in the Conturines mountain that overlooks San Cassiano.

For active kids who love nature and to find out more about our friend the bear, visit the Piz Sorega Bear Park and see her sleeping with her cubs in their cave!