The starting whistle at the gate, the imposing realm of the curve and the undulating slopes, the astonishing speed of the race and the milliseconds to reach the finish line... the experiences of the great Ski World Cup champions are no longer confined to the screen or the sides of the slope.
For the first time, this winter the legendary Gran Risa becomes a veritable journey of experience, designed to bring skiers closer than ever before to one of the most exciting World Cup races and offering entirely new sensations.

With the modifications to the start gate, the speed monitor, dedicated information points and photo stations, the Gran Risa World project now makes it possible to venture on the tracks of some of the
world's best athletes and relive first-hand the adventure of the Gran Risa, one of the highlights of the Ski World Cup.
On the Bambi 2 slope, you can also experience 200 meters of barred slope prepared just as it is on race days. And the thrill of the Ski World Cup awaits!