"Let your heart decide" they say, and it is true: decisions made with the heart, when they are deeply felt, are always the right ones.

However, in order to feel with your HEART, the mind must be cleaned, purified and liberated. We have to stop lying to ourselves, in order to deal with our daily lives, as much as possible, with our heart.
We don't need sport, or a holiday, or to free ourselves from stress…the mind frees itself with a tool that is within everyone's grasp: forgiveness.

The black dots represent the negative that we experience every day … a tiff, disappointment, a ‘no'… but also our unstoppable desire to appear better than others, our arrogance, judgement and ego.

In the logo our mind is represented as a dark and obscure labyrinth, dotted with black points, but forgiveness intervenes with its strength (colour) to protect our heart and leave it intact.

Manuel Bottazzo

2015 Edition: Forgiveness

Chairman Michil Costa has chosen this year's theme which, for 2015, will be forgiveness. Forgiveness, which the Dolomite passes will have difficulty in offering the less well-trained competitors. In fact, the shorter route, the "Sellaronda", takes in the 4 passes around the Sella, covering 55 km with 1,780 metres difference in altitude and leaves little hope for those who haven't trained.

In addition, you can also choose between the "Medium" 106 km-long route with 3,130 metres difference in altitude and the 138 km-long "Marathon" route with 4,230 metres difference in altitude. Demanding but fascinating, where the Giau pass, with its tight bends which have made cycling history, rules the roost.

As always, there will be numerous fringe events in the days before and after the race. Amongst its other activities, the Maratona dles Dolomites - Enel supports the associations "Assisport Südtirol-Alto Adige", Alex Zanardi's "BIMBINGAMBA" and "Insieme si può" to implement educational, rehabilitation and training programmes in Third World countries.

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