Activities, games, companionship, fun, sweat, laughter, relaxation and wellness surrounded by breathtaking scenery. Welcome to Alta Badia Movimënt parks!
Movimënt parks are connected by a network of trails with gentle slopes, suitable for beautiful walks and runs or pleasant rides on e-bikes, electric mountain bikes that can be hired up the mountain from the Movimënt E-MTB Points - Alta Badia.
Here you will find safe free climbing walls, small lakes with water play, areas dedicated to fitness, a fantastic mini golf, a cave with lots of games about bears, slides, adventure trails, geocaching and many other activities, in addition to the relaxation area with Kneipp paths and foot reflexology, to fully enjoy the magical natural setting of the Dolomites and the heights of Alta Badia.
There are thousands of different ways for kids to have fun, while adults can enjoy the pleasure of a fully equipped oasis surrounded by nature where they can play sport and experience mountain wellness.

From this year, the Movimënt world promises to be even more connected with the summer opening of the Bamby and La Fraina chairlifts. The parks at Piz La Ila and Piz Sorega have never been so near. This new connection allows you to get to the Movimënt areas in Corvara, La Villa and San Cassiano even more quickly and easily. Movimënt connects mountains!

NEW SUMMER 2020: "Movimënt dles Ês"
A new route, dedicated to the world of bees. The trail begins in Piz Sorega and ends in Bioch and, while you're cycling along it, you will learn a wealth of fascinating trivia and facts about bees and their indispensable daily work. Suitable for kids and adults alike, this route is a great opportunity to learn something while having fun.


The "Bike Beats" bike trails are cycling trails designed specifically for bicycles. These are flow country trails, smooth and fast, suitable for MTB, enduro and E-MTB.
The tracks are in beaten earth and sand, for enjoyable and perfect downhill cycling.
Bike Beats - Movimënt Alta Badia Trails are divided into 3 levels of difficulty: green, blue and red.

NEW SUMMER 2020: Mans Trail
With its sweeping bends and all the fun of parabolics and northshores amongst the trees, the new 2 km-long blue trail from the top of the Piz Sorega to the valley station of the La Fraina chairlift is set to be an immense hit with bikers: In Ladino, the word "Mans" means "hands," and along this trail you will find that your hands are indeed indispensable both for steering your bike and feeling the countryside and the surrounding woods.

Another 2 km of thrills and spills have also been added to the "Fle Trail" in the Pralongià area: The trail was officially opened last year and from this coming summer will be extended to the Pralongià chairlift in Planac.
The Bike Beats Trails immersed in the woods of Alta Badia feature outstanding routes, and guarantee fun at its pedalling best for all bikers.