Arianna Tricomi, born in 1992, grew up in Corvara in Alta Badia and won the last three editions (2018 – 2019-2020) of the Freeride World Tour.
After a few years' apprenticeship on the most beautiful slopes in the world, she reached the top level: the peaks. She's certainly not scared of those, even in the rankings. In 2018 she became the first Italian to win the FWT and she also became "European Skier of the Year".
In her spare time, that is when she isn't skiing, Arianna is used to giving her best efforts in everything she does. In fact, 2 years ago she graduated with a degree in physiotherapy from the University of Innsbruck in Austria, where she currently lives. We met and interviewed her before starting the 2020 Tour.

Hi Arianna, so a few years have passed since your first FWT, but it seems like a lifetime. How have things changed for you?
A. It seems incredible to think back on all that has happened in recent years. I finished university which I'm very proud of because it was hard to combine skiing with my studies and, in the meantime, I also graduated as world champion twice. While some things have changed, nothing has altered my love and passion for skiing. The mountains and nature are always the same but now skiing has become my profession and it still doesn't seem real, it seems like a dream.

The last two years have been very intense, what were your two best moments? However, let's exclude your final victory if we can, otherwise, your answer would be too easy.
A. Actually, my victory wasn't my best moment. In fact, the days spent in the fresh snow with my friends are the best moments I can remember. Above all, I will never forget the incredible snowfall in Austria last year. Furthermore, the first time I skied in Japan and Canada were also really special moments that made me appreciate the beautiful Alps and the amazing Dolomites even more.
You achieved an important Italian record. You will always be the first Italian woman to have won the FWT. What did you feel at that moment?
A. I am not very fixated on records. The fact is that I love skiing and every time I put on my skis I feel the same joy I felt on the very first day I put on skis. As long as I have this wonderful feeling, life can only be beautiful. In any case, skiing down a mountain should not be judged with points because in the end we are like artists who paint on a canvas and therefore it is a very subjective and personal sport.

Are you preparing for the upcoming season? What do you think is the most important thing to keep in mind to place first in competitions?
A. I am always preparing and I never completely stop. I keep moving all year round and the most important thing, in my opinion, is mental health, so it's important to feel good and then your legs follow by themselves...

What does your future look like, after having won everything at FWT? Are you planning to dedicate yourself to something else in a few years?
A. I would really like to move towards filming over the next few years. I already produced a film last year "La Luce Infinita - Tales from the North" and it was a wonderful experience that I would like to repeat.

Apart from skiing and the mountains, you love the sea and surfing. It would seem that nature is your world.
A. Yes, that's right, I consider it really important to be in close contact with nature. I've just returned from a bit of seaside and surfing and, as I said before, it was really great for my mindset, giving me enough energy for the winter. Nature is my haven of peace.

We wish you a rewarding 2020 season. See you soon and come and say hello when you're back in Alta Badia.