There is no shortage of new things for summer 2020. First of all, the "Bike Beats" and "flow" descents in clay and beaten sand, smooth and fast, with small obstacles, are being expanded. Beginning with the three dirt tracks that start from the two sides of the Piz Sorega - the green, level entry, and the two colours for more experienced bikers - blue, intermediate level, red, the most difficult and technical -, which will be linked. This will create numerous variations that will lengthen the tracks and increase the number of parabolics, jumps, bridges and bikewalls on which to train and have fun.
Before going downhill we recommend a few warm-up laps on the nearby pumptrack circuit, ideal for exercising muscles, coordination and balance.

New in summer 2020: The Trail Mans is up and running
The Bike Beats "menu" offers even more this year with an all-new, adrenalin packed route. After the Heart, the Eye, the Veins and the Breath – every stretch bears a Ladino name - it's now time for the Hands. The Trail Mans, of moderate difficulty, calls for a sensitive touch and careful attention while riding along a fun route, where the trick lies in finding the optimal equilibrium between manual technique and balance. Over 2 km in length, the route descends from Piz Sorega and arrives at the new La Fraina chairlift in the valley.
A brand-new Jump Line has also been built alongside the Cör Trail, to give expert bikers even more fun. 670 metres in length, it features a number of jumps in a variety of heights and dimensions, while easy drops and mini kickers provide bikes with the perfect launch pad to get full momentum for the downhill stretches.