Artur Frenademez is a young man from La Villa with a great passion, cycling. He is crazy about all kinds of bicycles. During the day he works as an electrician, but in the evening as soon as he takes off his overalls, he puts on technical shorts and a t-shirt and starts his training sessions - hard, intense and tiring but wonderful…

When did you start cycling? Did you have an immediate passion for Downhill cycling?
A. I started when I was a child, I have always enjoyed cycling with my friends and family. I liked going fast and riding on paths in the woods. After a couple of years, they gave me my first downhill bike. First I started riding with my friends, then I decided to test myself and take part in a race or two. I started with a team from Val Gardena (Meder Downhill Club) and now I am part of the "Tiroler Radler Bozen" and we compete at Italian and European level.

How many times do you train a week?
A. In fact, I train three times a week in the gym with a programme of our personal trainer and occasionally at the weekend we go to Bolzano. In summer I train with my racing and enduro bike here in Alta Badia and with my DH bike in the Bike Parks around Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Germany and Slovenia with our team.

Do you dedicate every weekend to racing?
A. There are many races in Italy and Europe. My calendar is quite challenging. Sometimes we compete for more than one weekend in a row.

Last year you won the National DH Series. Which was the best race?
A. The best race was definitely the one in Pinzolo. I won the category and overall classification, taking home the jersey as National DH Series champion. It was also the first race in which members of my family were positioned along the route.

Do you ever train on Bike Beats? What's your favourite trail?
A. As soon as I have some time to spare, I ride my enduro over the Bike Beats trails, at weekends or immediately after work. Well, it's hard to say which one is my favourite, I like them all, especially the Cör trail. It's nice to have a Bike Park close to home, so I can ride when and how much I want.