The Skicarosello Corvara Consortium, which manages 28 facilities between Corvara, La Villa and San Cassiano as well as the Movimënt parks, unites a green-oriented tourism development model based on resource efficiency, renewable energy and the latest technology.
The consortium's investments include solar panels to power systems, a Snow Management system and transparent snowmaking management.

Renewable energy, reduced consumption of natural resources, intelligent snowcats, and environmentally friendly smart technologies and management systems. We are in Skicarosello, one of the most enjoyable areas in the Dolomiti Superski region: the plateau in Alta Badia, where the parks are located Movimënt is investing heavily in a green-oriented development model. The green station label is not just a medal to pin on their chest - a "greenwashing" action - but a concrete and verifiable objective, which requires a radical and global rethinking of one's own impact on the territory.

Clean and sustainable energy
First of all, the focus is on energy sustainability: the Skicarosello Corvara Consortium has taken over management of the solar power systems for chairlifts and cable cars. They currently produce 80% of the energy needed each year to power up the 28 cableways. The remaining 20% derives from renewable energy production plants, as established by an agreement. The future has already been outlined: the Consortium will soon acquire more plants, in order to cover 120% of its needs, and sell excess clean energy by putting it back in circulation.
Environmental protection also involves small daily gestures, which require commitment from everyone: the employees of Ski Carosello Corvara are personally involved. Their commutes are scheduled by area, and so every day they reach the workplace in groups, travelling in a single vehicle and saving the use of private cars.
Sensitivity to sustainability issues is also attested by the environmental management standard achieved (ISO 14001: 2015 certification), according to a protocol that provides for constant improvement of the required requirements over time.