Skiing on a fresh track, before everyone else, is a unique experience. If you do this in the heart of the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage Site, on the snows of Alta Badia and on the Gran Risa slope, where every year the best alpine skiers in the world compete, the experience becomes even more captivating.

Bun de Gran Risa, after last season's great success, returns with its weekly morning schedule. The Piz La Ila facility opens its doors at dawn to give lucky skiers the chance to see the sun rise at 2000m and to ski on the Gran Risa slope, perfectly prepared the night before by the numerous snowcats.
The group maximum 15 people will be accompanied by two ski instructors from the La Villa Ski & Snowboard School. The day will start with a light warm-up and a reconnaissance tour of the Gran Risa track, where the men's races, valid for the Alpine Skiing World Cup, have been held on the last weekend before Christmas since 1985. In addition to giving advice on how to ski, instructors will explain how the racetrack is prepared and how the barriers are set up on World Cup weekends. During the second descent, the participants will learn how to make the perfect start from the starting gate, as well as have the opportunity to take a short slalom between the poles on the last stretch of the track and, finally, take home the diploma and photographs of this exclusive experience.

15.02.2024 / 22.02.2024 / 29.02.2024 / 07.03.2024 / 14.03.2024
To participate just register at one of the tourist offices of Alta Badia by 5.00 pm the day before the event.You must be already equipped with a Ski pass.