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Geocaching is a modern twist on treasure hunting with the help of a GPS device.

This activity will transform each of you into a modern day treasure hunter, using mysterious clues and questions to find the right way to reach the destination and the prize waiting at the end of the route.

Between Piz Sorega and Piz La Ila there's a route that goes in both directions, where you can take part in this activity at any age. Players, or geocachers, use a modern GPS receiver to find various secret points that give the coordinates for the next point, until you get close to the hidden treasure.

The final prize is only awarded to the most skilled and daring problem solvers. Geocaching is a fun way to immerse yourself in nature and in the surrounding area, discovering the pleasure of outdoor exercise on trails, through woods and across verdant meadows.

Every Wednesday from June to September at 10:30 am starting from Piz Sorega in San Cassiano, you can try the Geocaching route with our guide, who will explain how to use the GPS and introduce you to this sport that's very popular especially in Northern Europe.
Sign up at Alta Badia Tourist Office until the night before. Start 10.30am duration approx. 2 hours. No children under 5 years allowed.
Price 5.00 Euro (price of ski lift not included)

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