Playing sports and eating properly
During the days you spend in the Movimënt parks, it's important to eat and replenish your energy properly between each activity. This summer we've come up with the ideal snack for each activity, with nutritional principles and characteristics suited to the type of movement you are involved in.
All the Movimënt product offers have top nutritional characteristics and are 100% made with organic, gluten-free and raw foods. To keep all the foods' organoleptic properties intact and unaltered, they are processed below 42°C.

During and after a mountain bike or E-MTB tour, or a descent on the Bike Beats Trails, we suggest the BRN Hazelnut Energy Bar: gluten-free, soy-free, lactose-free and with no added sugar. It stands out for its unique taste and energy properties, and is very easy to digest. Thanks to its countless nutritional properties, it's perfect for sports enthusiasts, especially cyclists and bikers.

Movimënt Activities
mountain biking, E-MTB, downhill mountain biking.

Organic Chocolate, Matural method.
Walking and trekking are among the healthiest activities at any age. On average, walking consumes between 65 and 90 calories per kilometre. Obviously these data change depending on speed and weight.
Raw bean to bar chocolate, the maximum taste and nutritional properties offered by raw cocoa.
Suitable for everyone: gluten free, soy free, lactose free, no added sugar.
Creamy cashews is Vegan, 42% cocoa. It offers countless
nutritional properties, perfect as a quality snack even during walks and trekking.

Movimënt activities
Orienteering, Geocaching, trekking, via ferrata (fixed-rope route), walking.

MATù for children.
The delicious and nutritious alternative to chocolate, also suitable for children. Gluten-free, soy-free, lactose-free, with no added sugar and caffeine.
Banana and raspberry flavour perfectly integrated with carob. Exquisite, energetic and very digestible as well as full of countless nutritional properties, suitable for all ages.

Ideal for all types of activities in Movimënt parks: running, climbing, cycling, jumping, balancing games, water lakes, smiles, hugs, rolling on the meadows... etc.