We can't hold in our joy for another minute, and we want to shout it out to the whole world… and the time has come at last: the renovations of the Piz La Ila Movimënt park are complete!!!
Games designed for family fun and based on nature and mindfulness, to foster a deeper appreciation of the world that surrounds us.

The Piz La Ila, one of the most iconic spots of Alta Badia's Movimënt parks, welcomes fans of Alta Badia and of high-altitude sport and fun every day, bringing even more joy and pleasure to the long summer days. The breathtaking views from this area are exactly the same as they have always been, and from this summer, families will be able to enjoy it to the fullest and in all of its splendour in the all-new Piz La Ila Movimënt park.
Masses of all-wood games where you can enjoy a view of the Dolomites as you exercise, play or have fun. In the heart of the park are two iconic, fun MM climbing frames which bring the Movimënt energy to glorious life, where you can scale your way up to the viewpoint "portholes" and slide back down on giant yellow slides. And then you'll come to Bee Island, home to the strangest of curious facts and information, and designed to promote awareness of the vital importance of bees. There are also a number of swings with a difference, a super-fast Kids' Zip-line and countless other surprises waiting to be discovered.

As soon as you leave the cable car you come to the relaxation area of the park with its two lakes, immersed in green meadows, the ideal destination for all those who want to sit back and wind down after a busy day of family activities and sport.
At the exit of the cable car, the relaxation area of the park with its two lakes remains open, surrounded by green meadows, suitable for those who want to rest or recharge after a day of family activities and sports. Also open is the historic Club Moritzino, which will delight all guests of the Movimënt area with its fantastic dishes and delicacies or famous aperitifs at 2,000 meters.

Movimënt, Never Ending Energy