What is the first expression that remains on your face after spending a day in the Movimënt parks? We asked ourselves this question several times and we tried to give an answer by also interrogating a friend of ours, Simone, who has been coming to visit us for several years. This is what he told us.

Hello Simone, how many years have you been coming to Alta Badia?
S. Since I was a child, thanks to my parents who enabled me to become acquainted and appreciate this wonderful paradise. Now I am 44 years old and I keep coming at least twice a year.

For several years now, and how did you discover the Movimënt parks?
S. They are so beautiful that it is impossible not to spend wonderful days there. They are well-equipped nature parks in perfect harmony with the environment. Only Alta Badia manages to provide such high standards.

So relaxation for you and your partner and lots of fun for the children.
S. Absolutely yes, there is plenty of entertainment for everyone, from children to adults and even for our four-legged friends! Impossible not to have fun and relax in such a beautiful setting in the Dolomites.

What are your favourite activities?
S. Very definitely MTB, but also climbing and trekking, slackline, and then enjoying wonderful days in these magical places.

What is your best memory of the past in our summer parks?
S. The beauty of the place which enhances your happiness and enjoying some wonderful pastimes.

What if you had to describe Movimënt with an expression of your face?
S. Definitely a smile of happiness. A real paradise to visit and enjoy things to the full with friends and family.

We wish you and your family a fantastic summer in 2019 and look forward to seeing you in the Movimënt parks!