120 BPM


Slacklining is one of the new frontiers of sport. Balance and concentration are the key factors.

Born in the United States in the early eighties, it became popular amongst climbers. It's still quite rare in Italy, but it's starting to become more common especially in climbing areas like Alta Badia.

The balance games are a fun learning opportunity for adults and children, even people who have never experienced this type of activity can make amazing progress in a short time.

The ability to move forward without falling, step by step, on a tightrope, as well as being great exercise, is also psychological training and allows you to gain a better understanding of yourself and your body. So it has a really positive effect on concentration and self-esteem.

There are six different lines at Movimënt Active Park at Piz La Ila, from a beginner line to a highline, installed at different heights and with various levels of difficulty, to slowly walk across and test your balance whether a beginner or a professional. The type of webbing, the length and the tension are all variable. The width of the webbing is usually between 2.5 cm and 5 cm and is strung between two trees or poles and subsequently tensioned.

An instructor will be available to help beginners and children learn this sport every Thursday in June and July, in the Slackline Area at Piz La Ila. They will give advice and demonstrations on the best techniques for this discipline.

Sign up at Alta Badia Tourist Office until the night before.
Lessons start at 1:30pm until approx 3pm.
Price 5.00 Euro (price of ski lift not included)