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The term slalom refers to a type of Alpine ski race in which competitors have to go down a slope as quickly as possible, passing through the mandatory gates. It is one of the disciplines in the Skiing World Cup and is divided in giant slalom and slalom, which differ in the length of the course and arrangement and proximity of the poles.

The word slalom comes from the Norwegian term "slalåm": "sla" means steep slope, and "slalom" means ski piste.

In Alta Badia, however, it's not just ski champions who can challenge each other to a slalom! In fact, on the Prè dai Corf piste, near the facility of the same name, Movimënt offers a parallel slalom with lots starting gates and time recording, for exciting challenges between friends or just to try to improve your personal record time each go.

During the summer, on the other hand, you can train for the slalom in a fun and alternative way in the dedicated area in the Piz La Ila Active Park.