80 BPM


Winter is great because it's varied: it's not just about skiing - you can also have fun in other ways. There one vehicle for traveling over the snow during the cold season that's as old as it is useful: the sled!

Sledding has become an Olympic sport in which highly professional, light sleds made of materials especially suited to sliding over the ice and reaching high speeds are used. But to have fun, all you need is the kind of sled you might find in the attic, that just one or two people can sit on, putting their feet in front to brake or turn when necessary.

Sleds should only be used on specially created tracks that have adequate protective measures to keep everyone safe. In San Cassiano, you'll find the Foram sled run, which sets out from the summit station of the Piz Sorega cable car.

You don't need any special training or experience in sledding, just get going and enjoy yourself!