After a busy day skiing, when the ski lifts close and the slopes empty, the sun hides behind the mountain and the snowcovered lampposts in the villages of Alta Badia come on to light up the bottom of the valley.

While skiers relax in the wellness centres or sleep, dreaming of their first day's skiing, our 40 snowcats leave the warehouses at the bottom of the main slopes. They have just one thought: the perfect preparation of the slopes. At 8.30 a.m. the slopes must be immaculate and skiers must be able to feel the snow under their boots as they cut through the groomed snow.

The expert snowcat drivers seated in their motorised steeds begin a delicate series of precise movements involving the front shovel, the tracks and the rear cutter. Although you may not think so, perfectly groomed snow depends on lots of factors: humidity, temperature, fresh snow, the height of the snow. Snowcat drivers must be very familiar with the slope so they can ensure that the snow is laid perfectly and that every descent is unique and excellent.
In addition, the daily passing of the cats over the slopes makes the snow even and regular, thus protecting the underlying soil from the thousands of skiers that descend the slopes every day.