10 years of Snowpark Alta Badia. A throwback to the Shred Chronicles

The next winter is already knocking on the door and for the Snowpark Alta Badia it's going to be an outstanding one. 10 Years ago, the Skicarosello Alta Badia and QParks started their collaboration with a superior goal: Creating a snow park which suits the mighty backdrop of the surrounding Dolomites as well as offering freestylers a worthy home base. Find out about who and what became part of the park history and find out what kind of surprises are waiting for every freeskier and snowboarder in this special anniversary season.

How it all began ... First specials and big names!

In the winter of 2009, the Snowpark Alta Badia first moved to its recent location. The first creative lines were established right next to the Ciampai slope and they marked the base for one of the best and one of the biggest snow parks in the Dolomites. The area was characterized by creative lines, lots of medium kickers and a colorful jib-mix. Time after time, the area was expanded, the lines were defined according to different skill levels and thus, not an inch of the new freestyle paradise at the heart of the Dolomites was left unused.
Already in its first season, the park attracted attention with a very special highlight: the first special obstacle, a 20m gap kicker, was built from scratch – and the one and only Marc-André Tarte, Canadian snowboard legend, came all the way from North America to master this beast in the untamed scenery of the South Tyrolean Dolomites. In the following years, the tradition of the special obstacles was maintained and the construction of the Moby Dick kicker definitely marked the peak. It took the shapers two weeks to create this extraordinary feature and Daniel Hruby, long-lasting shape crew member and now Technical Director of the park, still has quite a vivid memory of the idea's origins: "We started out with the idea of building a kicker with a hole, so you could simply look through it. But after the first attempt, we weren't really satisfied with it. It had more the shape of an eye – at the same moment a white bird flew over our heads and the association of the white whale popped up in our heads. Instantly, the decision was final – we added a huge jaw and Moby Dick was born. The white whale stranded at the Snowpark Alta Badia."

A park for everyone and its legendary events

Not only big specials and pros belonged to the snow park. Countless events for the local scene and youngsters became part of the last decade at Snowpark Alta Badia. No matter if contests like La Freestyla, the legendary QParks Tour Stop, or coaching sessions like the VIP Pro Coaching or the Girls Shred Sessions, freestyle fans could always expect a new highlight.
With the Pirates Alta Badia, a strong but friendly gang started to mingle among the shred folks within the last years and successfully conquered the park. Hardly any winter day goes by without a pirate shredding the Snowpark Alta Badia, hoisting the Jolly Roger in the park and thus reviving the freestyle idea for following generations.

Quality Shape and events in the anniversary year

Creative specials will of course be a fixed part of the winter 2018/19, just like it was in the beginning. However, this time we ask for your opinion! You decide how the end section is going to look like in the anniversary year! Before the re-construction you get to choose your favorite design in an online voting on the park's Facebook page. And because a birthday without presents and party is no fun, goodie bags will be raffled among all voters. And of course, you are sincerely invited to the shred feast at the Public Special Obstacle in February. Show your best moves, make sure you get a shot in the best-of video and thus become part of the legendary Snowpark Alta Badia shred-chronicles.
All the girls can look forward to another highlight – on March 2nd, 2019 the Girls Shred Session takes place at the Snowpark Alta Badia. Getting tips and tricks on how to shred the park from professional coaches, pizza party at the chill area and loads of stylish goodies – all for free! Just shoot an email to and participate!
To find more memories, photos and videos from the last decade, check the Facebook and Instagram Page of the Snowpark Alta Badia!