90 BPM


The more aggressive alternative to traditional hiking or walking in the mountains is called Speed ​​Hiking, understood to be fast walking with sticks and light equipment in a natural outdoor setting. It's a mix between running, hiking and Nordic walking, done at a fast pace.

The modern interpretation of speed walking is not only one of the best workouts for a healthy body and mind, but it's also one of the most productive sports in terms of developing resistance to fatigue, oxygenation and facing the challenge of exercising at altitude in the mountains.

Movimënt has a great network of trails suitable for this sport, which allows you to work your back muscles, biceps and triceps. In addition to the paths with tougher slopes, from the villages of La Villa, Corvara and San Cassiano to the Movimënt area, there are paths perfect for moderate physical exertion, that interconnect the Movimënt parks at altitude.

Once you've finished exercising you can relax and recharge your batteries in one of the relaxation areas scattered around Movimënt, or push yourself a bit further with some training at our outdoor gyms.

Choose a route by length and elevation to suit your abilities and take it at your own pace! Everyone can try Speed ​​Hiking, and Alta Badia is definitely the perfect place to have a go at this new sport.

Every Friday morning in June and July you can enjoy Speed ​​Hiking along with an instructor, on hand with professional tips. Each participant will be provided with a cardio watch, so you can keep tabs on various physiological parameters such as heart rate and calories burned.

Sign up at Alta Badia Tourist Office until the night before. Departure at 09.30 at the Piz La Ila mountain station.
Price 5.00 Euro (price of ski lift not included)