The 5 areas of Movimënt - Piz Sorega, Piz La Ila, Col Alt, Pralongià, and Boè - are connected by footpaths and equipped for sports and relaxation. In particular at Piz La Ila you'll find Fit For Run, a space where you can establish a roadmap and do easy fitness exercises, ranging from simple warm-ups to more targeted strength exercises, from speed drills to stretching. You'll find another area dedicated to runners at Piz Sorega, where specially-made equipment has been set up.
All around, there are green areas and lawns for stretching, the slackline, the Kneipp pools at Piz Sorega and at Piz La Ila, where you can discover the benefits of foot massage and hydrotherapy, and ponds where you can relax and regain your strength on the shore.

One of the novelties of the summer season is running at altitude in a "team" - an opportunity to meet other enthusiasts, exchange tips, and practice sports. Twice a week, on Mondays and Wednesdays, at 10.30 at the Piz La Ila, a guide will help the group to discover the route. Those who fancy it can top off the two hours with a gourmet stop at a mountain hut.

This plateau is a car-free rone, so the only "fuel" allowed, even encouraged, is the one which nourishes the body: the flavours and aromas of Alta Badia. In addition to traditional dishes, all the mountain huts also offer ideal recipes for a light break, a flavourful intermission between one workout and another.