130 BPM


At Piz La Ila Active Park you will find an area totally dedicated to pre-ski training. Race simulations between poles and "crouch descent" on skis attached to giant springs are among the activities to prepare for skiing in an alternative way, or just to have fun.

Pre-ski activity is very important to get in shape for the winter season and start skiing easily, dramatically reducing the risk of injury. Skiing is a sport that requires good preparation to be do it well and safely. Knees and quadricep muscles are among the most stressed in this sport and must therefore be prepared and kept fit during the summer break. With no preparation you'll find yourself facing poor performance, with burning legs, cramps and weakness.

Using the equipment at the Piz La Ila Active Park is a fun and original way to do pre-ski activities. The bravest can also try spectacular freestyler jumps and stunts on the enormous blue Air Bag at the centre of the park. Perfect summer training to prepare for winter stunts.