Performance and sustainability in the heart of the Dolomites.

The spectacular landscapes of Alta Badia provide the perfect backdrop to enjoy the thrills of a driving experience that brings people closer to Italy's stunning scenery, thanks to Audi's most innovative models that combine innovation and sustainability and celebrate a new relationship between technology and nature.

To safeguard the riches of this region, a Unesco World Heritage Site, Audi is committed to introducing an increasingly sustainable range of cars by 2025: 30 models with high electrification, 20 of which will be totally electric.

Together with Audi e-tron, the first four-ringed zero-emission electric car, Audi has already introduced mobility solutions that combine efficiency and respect for the environment, leveraging alternative energy sources such as methane and diesel 2.0.

Discover the Audi summer events in Alta Badia

Audi driving experience in Alta Badia

The winding trails and wonderful views of Alta Badia that are even more breath-taking during the summer season, are the ideal setting to test Audi's avant-garde line up and discover the many thrills of four-wheel drive.

The Dolomite landscapes are a haven for high-performance enthusiasts, and the Audi driving experience is the perfect opportunity to get closer to the sheer beauty of nature and to discover the progress of cars that aim for maximum sustainability without ever compromising on performance.

The Audi driving experiences, immersed in the vibrant nature of the Dolomite Alps, were designed and organized in full compliance with current health regulations, to ensure a safe driving experience.
We look forward to welcoming you at the Corvara Info Point from 3rd July to 31st August and at the Corvara Audi Camp from 11th July to 31st August.

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